Please read the following for information about the IFSP Funding Portal

  • For people who were logged into the Portal at the time that it was taken offline, IFSP has identified the applicants in this group and has sent a separate message with additional application information.

    Applicants do not need to contact IFSP to confirm their status.

  • For those in the general public who were not logged into the portal when the application closed, you will be able to apply for funding starting March 24th, 2020. IFSP will send information via its listserv and post instructions on the IFSP Portal on March 16th. Please be sure to check your email and update your email address for the IFSP Listserv.

Important Instructions for All Potential Applicants

IFSP strongly encourages all potential funding applicants to take the following steps:

Contact your CSB to confirm the Waiver Waitlist Status for the person on the DD Waiver Waiting List. Confirming waitlist status will help you avoid errors when application submission begins. Please remember: All IFSP Applicants must be on Virginia's DD Waiver Waiting List when they apply for IFSP Funding.