The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) is designed to assist individuals on the DD Waiver Wait List and their families to access short-term, person/family centered resources, supports and services. These services and items funded through the IFSP are intended to support the continued residence of an individual in their own or family home in the community.


  1. Applications will only be accepted on-line.
    • You will need to complete the following steps for your FY 2018 IFSP application:
      • Register by creating a Log In. You must register first to see the IFSP Funding Application.
      • After you register, start filling in the application and save as a draft.
      • Beginning at noon on October 23rd, Log In and submit your application. You will not be able to submit your saved draft until this date and time!
  2. You do not have to submit any quotes, doctor’s notes or other documentation with your request. Also, do not attach any other document to this application
  3. No IFSP funds will be sent to Vendors; all funds will be sent to the Responsible Party

What is covered/not covered under this program:    Click here