The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) is designed to assist individuals on the DD Waiver Wait List and their families to access short-term, person/family centered resources, supports and services. These services and items funded through the IFSP are intended to support the continued residence of an individual in their own or family home in the community.

January 22, 2019

Important Information for FY 2019 IFSP Applicants Receiving Way2Go Cards

Per the IFSP Program Guidelines, all IFSP funding recipients are required to submit receipts showing that funds were spent on allowable service(s) or support(s).

As mentioned in the January 14th announcement, the IFSP Receipt Policy has CHANGED. All IFSP receipts will only be accepted using electronic submission in the application portal used to apply for IFSP Funds.

PLEASE NOTE: IFSP will no longer accept receipts sent in via fax, postal mail, or email.

New this year, applicants or their responsible party should upload all receipts directly to the IFSP Application Portal from their computer, tablet, or phone. For instruction on how to submit your receipts, please watch the following video: IFSP Receipt Portal YouTube Tutorial

Remember, you do not have to spend the funds on the "need" you applied for, but you must use the funds on an allowable service or support. You can find examples of allowable services and supports on the DBHDS IFSP website: This information is also located on the IFSP Application Portal under “Help”.

Please see the resources below for additional instructions on how to upload receipts.

If you have questions about the new Receipt Policy, please contact My Life, My Community (operated by SeniorNavigator) by phone at (844) 603-9248.

IFSP has developed the following documents and resources to help you spend your funds and upload your receipts:

January 14, 2019

The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) has begun issuing funds for approved FY 2019 applicants. Your funds will be issued via debit card and you should receive them 5-10 business days from today.

The first day you can use the card is January 21, 2019.

All cards will be mailed directly to the address that was provided for the Responsible Party. If you need to change your address, please use the Address Change Form at

Additional instruction on how to authorize and use the card will be sent via email to the Responsible Party.

If you have not received the Way2Go Card by January 31st, please contact Conduent, the card vendor, by calling their customer service line: 800-961-8423.

Instructions for submitting receipts will be sent out January 22, 2019 via email.

Still have questions?

IFSP has developed the following documents and resources to help you with the Way2Go Card:

If you have specific questions about your Way2Go Card, Conduent is the vendor that has been selected by DBHDS to provide customer service for the Way2Go Card. For all questions related to the Way2Go MasterCard, customers should visit or call customer service’s toll free number at 800-961-8423.

As always, if you need general assistance with the Way2Go Card or the IFSP Funding Program, please contact My Life, My Community (operated by SeniorNavigator) by phone at (844) 603-9248.